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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

웹스터 영영사전의 '오늘의 단어; Word of the Day' 가 RSS 2.0 피드로 제공 [영어 학습]

웹스터 영영사전 Merriam-Webster 사이트에, '오늘의 단어'랄까 그런 서비스가 있습니다. 하루에 하나씩 고난이도의 단어를 보여주고 그 단어의 용법과 어원 등에 대해 설명하는 것입니다.


The Word of the Day for May 30 is:

mettlesome    MET-ul-sum    adjective
: full of vigor and stamina : spirited

Example sentence:
The mettlesome bronco kicked and bucked, but the rider kept his balance and rode him out.

Did you know?
The 17th-century adjective "mettlesome" (popularly used of spirited horses) sometimes appeared as the variant "metalsome." That's not surprising. In the 16th century and for some time after, "mettle" was a variant spelling of "metal"―that is, the word for substances such as gold, copper, and iron. ("Metal" itself dates from the 14th century and descends from a Greek term meaning "mine" or "metal.") The 16th century was also when "metal"―or "mettle"―acquired the figurative sense of "spirit," "courage," or "stamina." However, by the early 18th century, dictionaries were noting the distinction between "metal," used for the substance, and "mettle," used for "spirit," so that nowadays the words "mettle" and "mettlesome" are rarely associated with "metal."

그런데 바빠서^^; 몇 년 동안 Word of the Day 를 찾지 않았는데,

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오늘 이런 마크가 있어서 보니, Word of the Day 가 RSS 2.0 피드로 제공되고 있었습니다.

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